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How to Build a Recirculating Dry Air Heater

Material List

 1 each   CZ2442 Comfort Zone Heater (available at Walmart and other suppliers) Note: I purchased a second unit to use unmodified on the interior in cold weather. ($22 each)

2 each   6” x 4” HVAC Round Duct Reducer (available at local building supply stores) $5.96 each.

2 each   18 gauge wire splices ($0.50 each)

1 each   Roll of aluminum duct tape ($6)

1 each   Package of JB Kwik or JB Weld (available at H/W and auto stores) ($5)

1 each   Can of Flat or Satin Black spray paint ($4)

2 each   4” HVAC Flexible Duct (available at local building supply stores) ($12.95 each)

2 each   4” Clamps for Duct ($2 each)

2 each   Foam Seal for ends of duct to allow heat to flow in and out of heater. ($12)

1 each   Strap for mounting the heater. (Added quick disconnects to ends of straps.) ($12)

Total cost $82.41.

Send an email if you would like a set of plans.