RV Tool Catalog Page

Our COMPLETE AIRFRAME RV Aircraft Tool Kit is top of the line in quality.  Our kit includes the Pneumatic Squeezer and DRDT-2 Dimpler. 

We stand behind our tools with our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Compare our RV tool kit to other suppliers, Isham Inc. provides much more: 

  • Commercial Quality DRDT-2 dimpler instead of the out-dated C-Frame dimpler (No matter how great a C-Frame claims to be it is still an antiquated tool.)

  • Pneumatic Squeezer instead of the hand squeezer (It is a myth that a hand squeezer is needed.  No matter how easy a hand squeezer claims to be it cannot compare to the one hand operation and ease of simply squeezing the trigger.  The pneumatic squeezer fits anywhere a hand squeezer would, is much easier to operate and provides more consistent and better quality dimples and rivets.)

  • Spring Back pop rivet dimple dies for better quality dimples.

  • True aviation drill bits (not low cost jobber length drill bits).

  • Straight Cut Aviation Tin Snips (needed for long straight cuts)

  • Tungsten Bucking Bar (preferred by most all builders).

  • More clecos.

  • Klein Tools and Snap-On Industrial high quality tools for more professional workmanship.

  • RV complete airframe builders tool kits are tailored to the RV-7, RV-7A, RV-8, RV-8A, RV-9, RV-10, RV-12 and the RV-14 airframes. Also, the complete airframe tool kits are available for the quick-build option offered by Van’s Aircraft.

  • In addition to better quality tools, our complete airframe RV Tool Kit is about $200.00 LESS EXPENSIVE than our competitor when you exchange their clang-hammer dimpler and their hand-squeezer for professional quality aircraft tools.

We strive to keep our shipping rates as low as possible

  • Both UPS and FedEx recently changed their weight based and volume based pricing. As a result shipping rates have increased significantly in 2017. We have experienced increases between 50% and 100% to some areas.

  • All of our shipping rates include insurance and delivery confirmation in order to protect your investment in the case of shipping loss or theft. The RV Tool kit typically is two boxes, each weighing about 60 pounds.

Isham Inc. (PlaneTools.com) is a FAA/PMA approved supplier.

Isham Inc. has been manufacturing FAA approved parts and assemblies since the mid-1970's.  These parts and assemblies include aluminum sheet metal, fiberglass, ABS, Plexiglas and aircraft instruments. 

What does this mean to our customers? 

Our experience in manufacturing of high quality aircraft parts requires our internal use of sheet metal tools for both fabrication and assembly work.  This experience gives us first hand knowledge of which aircraft manufacturing and assembly tools and processes work the best, which ones provide high quality results, and which tools last the longest.  We have the highest customer reviews for our RV tool kits in the industry.

No other RV Tool Kit supplier can make this claim. 

Many individuals may offer opinions on aircraft tools.  No other RV Tool Kit supplier has been producing FAA/PMA approved aircraft parts and assemblies for over 30 years.  Our knowledge base on tools and processes far exceeds any others.  Our tools are top quality and the same tools we use in our own manufacturing and assembly processes.  You will be very pleased with our RV Tool Kit and you can be confident that your tools will provide the highest professional quality results on your RV aircraft project.

Other Isham Inc. Capabilities.

Our other capabilities include FAA STC project development, manufacturing process development, FAA Conformity Inspections, Aircraft Modification, Configuration Control, Test Instrumentation and Hardware, Ground Test, and Flight Test including Vd (dive), spin, performance, and handling qualities.

Thank you for considering Isham Inc. PlaneTools.com for your aircraft TOOL requirements.