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RV Aircraft Tool Kit Shipping

Over the years Isham Inc. has exported hundreds and hundreds of Van's RV Airplane Tool Kits to our RV tool kit customers.  Generally our shipping cost for shipping an export RV tool kit is 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost compared to standard shipping methods like UPS or FedEx.

In some cases special approvals are required by the importing country. These approvals include US Chamber of Commerce and foreign Embassy approvals for some countries. Whatever the requirements are we will work hard for our customers to obtain the proper approvals to make the importing of our RV tool kit to your country as seamless as possible.

If your Van's RV Airplane kit is being shipped by ocean freight it may be possible to combine your aircraft tools with the shipment of your airplane kit.  You will need to do a little coordination to determine the projected shipping date of your airplane kit and we can coordinate your airplane tools with the shipping exporter.  This can save a great deal of money and your airplane tools will arrive at the same time as your airplane kit.

Full details of the RV tool kit can be found at as well as your ability to obtain a shipping quote for an export kit.