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How to Select RV Aircraft Tool Kits

The tools you need . . .

You want to have the correct tools for the job!  Selecting your RV tool kit is an important part of the quality of your RV building project.  Most RV tool kits will contain the tools that you will need to build your RV airplane.  In addition, there are several shop items you will need to build or purchase. 

It is important to have the proper tools of a quality that will last through your airplane building project and that will produce a professional quality finish.  The PlaneTools RV tool kit uses high-quality aircraft tools that are designed to repeatedly produce professional results.  Whether the process is cutting, finishing, bending, drilling or riveting our tools will give the quality result you are looking for. 

Of course skill is an important factor in the quality of your airplane.  The best way to learn new processes is practice.  Whether you take an airplane building course or simply connect with your local EAA Chapter you will find the knowledge available that will help you learn each process that you will need to master.  Remember, practice on scrap before you start cutting, drilling, dimpling or riveting on your actual airplane parts.  Once you are comfortable with the process you are ready to work on the actual parts.

Items you will need in your shop include a work bench (many builders make their own) and there are several plans available on web searches. 

You will need an air compressor, regulator and air hose.  The best choice for the RV builder’s air compressor is one with a 20 gallon tank that produces 5.4CFM @ 90 PSI.  Add a moisture remover.  Do not use an automatic oiler if you plan to paint with your same compressor and air hose.

You will need some hand clamps.  I like the Home Depot Irwin clamps as they grip well and are easy to release. 

A drill press will be very handy and is almost a “must have” piece of equipment for your project. 

Get a decent bench grinder to mount your 6” 3M deburring wheel on one side.  You can mount a regular grinding wheel on the opposite side.  (Never use your 3M wheel on steel parts as the steel will embed in the wheel and mar your aluminum parts.) 

One tool that is rarely mentioned that we use for cutting long straight and curved cuts in aluminum sheet metal is a die grinder with a metal cutting blade.  It must be done slowly, but this tool produces an excellent cut and does not leave marks in the aluminum like tin snips.

Thank you for considering our RV aircraft tool kit for your project!