Photo above "Vans RV line" taken by Paul Nelhams 9/4/2012 at the LAA Rally Sywell, UK and is approved for use here by license.


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Welcome to our site with Van's RV aircraft tool kits and tools for all airplane projects to help you build your dreams, expand your passion for homebuilt aircraft and share a most rewarding experience with friends and family.  Our full RV airplane tool kit is available now at our online store.

We have been in the aviation business since the mid-1970's.  Our history of manufacturing aircraft sheet metal parts and assemblies along with engine STC's gives us first hand experience with all tools.  No other airplane tool kit provider can claim this experience.  We have a 210 horsepower STC for the Cessna R172K with a Continental IO-360 engine.  Our Piper Cherokee product line includes window additions, wingtips, landing lights, dorsal fins, and structural wing and stabilator extensions on PA-28, PA-28R and PA-32 airplanes.  Our Piper products may also be purchased at Knots 2U.

Isham Inc. continues to grow partnerships with major industrial partners in order to provide the highest quality aircraft tools for our customers.  Distributorship's with Klein Tools, Snap-On Industrial, Stanley and many other industrial airplane tool suppliers make up our line of aircraft tools and airplane tool kits.  Isham Inc. also designs, manufactures and distributes their own specialty tools for general aviation, experimental homebuilt airplanes and the commercial airline industry.

Our customer reviews for RV Tool Kits are very good.  We have well over a thousand RV builders using our RV Tool Kit to build every model of Vans RV airplanes.  We stand behind our products.  Customer reviews are regularly received by us and we have incorporated many customer suggestions over the years making our RV tool kits the best kit available to anyone building an RV airplane.

We have perfected the RV Tool Kit for Van's RV-10, RV-12 and RV-14 aircraft so that you receive the unique tools necessary to build that specific airplane model.  If you are building an RV-6 or RV-6A, RV-7 or RV-7A, RV-8 or RV-8A our standard builders kit will provide you with the correct tools.

The Isham Inc. RV Tool Kit is around the globe.  Our aircraft tools are used in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, New Zealand, Netherlands, South Africa, South America, Sweden and many other countries.  If you need a complete sheet metal tool kit for your Vans RV aircraft please contact us before you decide to purchase any airplane tools.  We will save you a lot of money on the highest quality, and most complete airplane tool kit delivered to your door.  Alternately, we may be able to arrange to have your tool kit to be included with the shipment of your Vans RV airplane kit.  (This does not apply if you order the empennage only kit from Van's due to packaging requirements.)

Isham Inc. is the very best aircraft tool kit and airplane tool supplier for sheet metal, general aviation, RV airplanes and commercial aircraft tools.  Our airplane tools are for building new aircraft, completing aircraft sheet metal modifications, and for airplane maintenance. 

Many aircraft builders are not aware that avery tools stopped doing business.  Avery tools was a good competitor and now that the Avery's have retired there is a gap in aircraft tool suppliers.  Our products include most of the special aircraft tool kits that Avery tools used to offer.  We wish the folks from Avery tools the very best in their retirement.

We include the Experimental Aero DRDT-2 dimpler in our product line.  This machine makes perfect dimples and is very quiet, unlike the mallet type. The DRDT-2 will be a great addition to your shop.  Isham Inc. also carries a full line of pneumatic compression rivet squeezers including C-squeezers and A-squeezers.