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Are you a Tool & Equipment dealer?

As and aircraft tool distributor Isham Inc. offers industrial quality aircraft tools on a wholesale basis.  As our distributor or dealer we will work hard to provide you with high-quality service to meet your sales and distribution demands.  We are looking for qualified distributors and dealers to help us in establishing a global distribution network.

Some examples of products we currently provide wholesale include:

  • Rivet sets, bucking bars, rivet guns, sheet metal mechanic tools.

  • Pneumatic tools including compression rivet squeezers, angle drills, pistol drills and more.

  • Pneumatic tool accessories including rivet squeezer yokes, squeezer sets, dimple dies and AN470 sets.

  • Aviation hand tools.

  • Aviation mechanic tools.

  • Cleco temporary sheet metal holders.

  • Highly accurate bench, balance and other weight scales.

  • Backshop equipment.

  • Specialty tools for homebuilt, general aviation and commercial aerospace applications.

Isham Inc. products are based on years of experience as an aircraft tool dealer and distributor, manufacturing aircraft parts under FAA/PMA and in providing tools for the aerospace community.  Our aircraft sheet metal tools are the very best industrial quality to provide the service life you expect from high quality tools.  We have been an aircraft tool distributor and serving the aviation community since the mid-1970's.  You will find our products around the globe at major airline maintenance and repair facilities. 

We want to be your preferred discount, wholesale aircraft tool distributor of aerospace sheet metal tools.  If you are a tool dealer or distributor, wholesale dealer or manufacturer of aircraft tools we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Send us your request for more information, including your business portfolio to planetools (at) cox.net.






Isham Inc.